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At imprintUNIVERSE we understand the need for Instant Information! imprintUNIVERSE can provide you with TV, Radio, Digital, and Mobile advertising. Rates will have up to a 98% clearance rate, so don’t be fooled with make believe rates that never really run as scheduled media!! Your media will run and generate a return on your media investment.

imprintUNIVERSE specializes in TV Spots, Video Rolls, Film, Long Form, Short Form as well as Radio spots, Corporate Video, Non Profit, Political and even TV shows if that’s your need, all in beautiful HD Quality and at discount prices.

Production Services

Production is a key element of a successful Media Campaign! imprintUNIVERSE offers Full Service Media Productions. The days of the $100K HD production cost for TV spots are over! At imprintUNIVERSE full service means full service! imprintUNIVERSE will assist you in the development of all your media message from Concept Development, Scripting, Videos, Photos, Voice Overs, Music, Actors and Celebrity talent right down to the final production. As an imprintUNIVERSE Client you are fully involved in the process and have the final say and approval on everything about your media production and by the way; imprintUNIVERSE does not reuse canned TV spots over and over again like some production companies. Your production is a one of a kind and offers your message to your customers! Your Media production needs to be first class and represent your Company, Product or Service’s in a way that motivates Consumers to respond to your message! At imprintUNIVERSE Productions, the Client’s needs come first!